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July 14, 2012
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                part one, beginning.

      "It's positive," I whisper, holding the pregnancy test in my shaking hands. My eyes start to water and I look up to Feliciano for guidance. His eyes show so much fear, clouded over with worry. Feli steps towards me and embraces me. "Im pregnant," I choke out before the tears begin to roll down my cheeks. Im pregnant with Feliciano's baby… I hold onto him tightly.

      "_______, what are we going to do?" Feliciano asks, still feeling numb inside. We step apart and I watch as a single tear runs down his cheek.

                earlier that day.

     Lately, walking down the hall of ________ High school, I've felt more vulnerable. It's been dawning on me since the night it happened. That I might've gotten pregnant after me and Feliciano had sex. No one but me, Feliciano, Antonio and Lovino know about it. After it happened, one thing led to another and we felt that we had to tell someone about it. Ever since me and Feli started dating in seventh grade, Lovino and Antonio were the closest friends we had besides each other, so they were the first, and ONLY others to know, but we are planning on telling my brother soon, but Im scared to because I don't want to disappoint him.

     It's been almost three months and I haven't really been feeling the same since. I know no one else knows but still! I've just been feeling so self-conscious as if they sense it or something. I get jumpy and nervous around people. I've also been having the worst mood-swings and nausea.

     The end of fourth period bell alerts everyone it's time for lunch, I jump out of my seat, snapping out of my train of thought, I grab my backpack from under the chair and place my binder inside. I slip between the other kids cramming the door to escape the stuffy classroom. I give a sigh of relief when I feel that the hallway is cooler than inside the classroom.

     I make my way around the hall, maneuvering between and around the other blabbering kids. I stride to the left and poke my head in Feliciano's classroom. He and Lovi were the only ones left in the class. "Dammit, Feliciano! Just give it back!" Lovi snaps.

      "This isn't even yours, Lovi! _______ gave this to me," Feli says weakly.

      "Well then it's her fault I had to use this piece of shit!" Lovino waves a small, bitten, eraser-less pencil in Feli's face. He probably had to use one of the teachers pencils that they find in hallways and hidden inside the pages between reference books.

     "It is not! Neither of us stole any kind of pencil from you! Stop yelling at me, lovi!" Feli's eyes start to bubble with tears.

     "I'm not the one yelling, idiota, it's you!!" Lovino booms, his face getting redder and I could imagine steam billowing around his head. I inwardly sigh; looks like I'll have to play the hero for this one. "hey, you guys!! Stop bitching at each other, unless you WANT to be the last at lunch!" I try to say sternly, but end up giggling instead. "You know what, Lovino? Come here," Lovino looks at me with a furrowed brow. As he obediently walks over I rummage through the front pocket of my backpack. I feel what I'm looking for and pull out a red mechanical pencil. "Here you go~" I hold it out to him.

     "Er, grazie…" Lovino says. He spins around to face Feliciano and smirks, putting a hand on his hip and then pointing the end of the mechanical pencil at him, "Hahaa! Now I have a better pencil than you, fratello!" Convinced that he won this quarrel, he walks out the room with a smile on his face.

     "Yay!~ You saved me!" Feli strides over and wraps his arms around my waist and begins to plant kisses all over my face. I blush and giggle, wrapping my arms around his neck, "F-Feli, we should get going to the cafeteria," I say.

     "D'accordo~!" he grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze. I lace my fingers between his and speed walk to the cafeteria.

      I tilt my head back and groan at the ceiling, "I'm starving!"

     "Heh, that's my line~" Feliciano smiles.

     "Uhm, Feli?"

      "Vee~ Si, amore?"

     "Do you want to come over after school? You see, I need to check something, a-and I want you there with me when I do it,"

     "Of course! What is it you need to check?"

     I lower my voice to a whisper, "I want to do a pregnancy test…"

     "Y-you're still worried about that?" He glances at me, concerned. He knows I'm worried about it, I tell him everything, WE tell each other everything

     "Well-- yeah… I'm not saying that I am pregnant, but I'm just going to do it to make sure," My voice trails off and I lower my head a little. I bring it back up when Feli gives my hand an affectionate squeeze. I meet his gaze and he smiles, "then I'll be there with you. We'll do it together! Ti amo, _______,"

    "I love you too,"

                part one, end.
:icongin-no-tsuki1326: :iconsaysplz: Son of a bitch.... fluff is difficult.
:iconhappyitalyplz: :iconsaysplz: heeeey, :iconannabethcat: ~! heres part one of the fluffy italyxpregnantreader you requested! ^ ^

:iconawesomeprussiaplz: :iconsaysplz: she decided to do it in parts cuz she wanted to torture you guys :icondealwithtrollplz:

:icongin-no-tsuki1326: :iconsaysplz: yeah xD
:iconukeitalyplz: :iconsaysplz: veeh, i cant believe its been this long and she's only finished one...
:icongin-no-tsuki1326: :iconsaysplz: shooosh, Feli. its okie ^ ^"

part two: [link]

hetalia :iconhimaruyaplz:
story :icongin-no-tsuki1326:

EDIT: well wow i didn't know this would get so many faves thanks you guys :)
and i forgot to say, reader, italy and romano are sophmores and spains a junior.

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